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Hot Tub Spa Therapy
Reduces Pain, Stress and
the Symptoms of Many



Spas can provide pain reliefHydrotherapy Consistently Provides Pain Relief!

Hot,warm, tepid, cool and cold hydrotherapy often provides pain relief to the entire body, especially back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and foot pain.

Increasing the vascular flow to the muscles increases the blood supply, helping remove metabolic wastes and lactic acids faster. Humans have known for centuries that water therapy can substantially reduce aches and pains throughout the body!

Ultimate Power® Jets Customize the Hydro Dynamics
of Every Seat!

Atera AnyTemp® Spa Technology provides the exclusive benefits and the enjoyment of perfect temperature healing water. Every Atera® Spa model features a custom, adjustable massage pressure from every Ultimate Power® Jet in every seat and every "no float" lounge! Why settle for non-adjustable jets when adjustable Full Cycle Therapy® is at your finger tips in every seat. Yes your perfect therapy massage is as unique as you are! One massage does not fit all!!

When Investing in a Home Therapy Spa, Don't You Owe Your Family the Ultimate Fun and Healthy Choice of an Atera AnyTemp® Spa, Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Benefit information provided by Scott Stanhibel Med, LAT, ATC Certified Athletic Trainer. Always consult your Physician or Trainer before using Atera AnyTemp Spas®.

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Healing Waters!

Hot tub hydrotherapy, temperatures between 98° F and 104° F, reduces lactic acid, relieving muscle tension, spasms and cramps.

Coaches and trainers often recommend hot tub hydrotherapy after cooling down from strenuous work outs and competitive events. Cooling down first is always important!

Reduce stress in a Atera SpaReduce Stress & Improve Sleep!

A hot water massage often reduces fatigue caused by emotional and social STRESS, metabolic energy, personal motivation and drive, extreme climates and extended travel. Hot hydrotherapy typically provides relief for those suffering with insomnia, normally inducing a far more restful, sound sleep! We know STRESS can take years off your life. Don't let it!

CycleInjury Free Exercise

Water eliminates the need to balance while exercising, especially important for those with lower limb Arthritis. A gravity free environment provides buoyancy and impact free exercise while also providing Concentric Muscle Exercise due to the presence of water resistance. You exercise in both directions! Water adds resistance to lateral movements, improving strength and returning athletes back to full fitness quicker after injury.

Hot TherapyRelax The Water's Perfect!

Hot tub hydrotherapy improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen to muscles and increasing the antibody supply throughout the body, thus improving the body's immune system!

Hot water can increase the cardiovascular demand over and above the demands of training and exercising on dry land. Improved blood circulation also increases range of motion in joints and muscles.



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