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Atera Spas Sales forcePayment

Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs custom crafts every order! Payment in full must accompany each order. Personal checks, company checks, cashier checks, wire transfers, Visa & MC are all accepted forms of payment. Production of your order will commence when checks have been confirmed cleared by our bank. Wire transfer routing and account numbers are provided upon completion of our Online Agreement. Credit card payments require identification and a signed credit card authorization form. Mailing labels are provided via email for all personal, company or cashier checks. All payment documents and correspondence is done by fax or email.


Lead times vary depending on the time of year. You will receive a brand new, custom built Atera AnyTemp® Spa, Swim Spa or Hot Tub crafted to your specifications in the color you have chosen. All Lucite XL Acrylic colors are available however, Swim Spas and DL8 models are limited to our most popular colors.

All shipments are FOB Phoenix, Arizona. Allow ten business days from shipment date for arrival. All Swim Spas are shipped on a flatbed truck or trailer by common carrier and are shipped directly to your home or business. All swim spas must be off loaded by the proper size crane, off road forklift with 6' forks or boom tractor. A local Authorized Delivery Crew can assist you with rigging your swim spa or some crane companies also have riggers available. A rigger is always necessary to communicate with the crane operator.

Wherever you are, an Authorized Delivery Crew is nearby and ready to deliver your hot tub spa or swim spa, install your cover lifts and cover latches and answer any questions you may have. We can even make arrangements for a licensed, bonded and insured electrician to provide you a quote for the wiring of your spa or swim spa. If you are having a local Authorized Delivery Crew deliver your hot tub spa or swim spa delivery arrangements will be facilitated by Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs and confirmed by you directly with the Delivery Crew.

The Authorized Delivery Crew is responsible for and must inspect your spa or swim spa for any freight damage, prior to accepting from the freight terminal or carrier. If damage has occurred, the Authorized Delivery Crew will notify you and Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs prior to accepting delivery. Freight Insurance will normally cover any damage to the spa while it's in transit but all damage must be noted on the bill of lading prior to accepting delivery in order to file a freight claim.

You must also be present to accept delivery and inspect your hot tub spa or swim spa for damage, it’s rare but it does occur. Make note of all damages on the DELIVERY RECEIPT presented to you by the Authorized Delivery Crew.CraneIf major damages have occurred, contact Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas & Hot Tubs prior to accepting delivery.


A 3 ½" concrete pad is the best spa base but is not required. The pad can also be constructed of bricks, paver stones, flagstone or blocks and must support the entire spa evenly, not just the perimeter, and must provide a level uniform surface. An un-level pad or use of shims of any kind is prohibited and may cause irreversible damage, voiding your limited warranty. All Swim Spas require a level 3.5" concrete pad that will uniformly support 20,000 lbs. of weight.

If your spa is located near water sprinklers, adjust them or cap them so water will not hit your spa. Balconies and decks must be constructed to current federal, state and local codes to safely support the maximum load of your filled spa or swim spa including people. Check with your contractor for these safety specifications. Check your local codes for all regulations regarding fences and gates.

Ensure that water drains away from the spa in order to keep water out of the equipment area and away from all electrical components. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide clear access to all sides of the spa for the Service Technician if service is required.

All AnyTemp® Spas and AnyTemp® Swim Spas have air intake and exhaust fan vents on the cabinet. These vents cannot be blocked and require a minimum of 6" clearance in front of them at all times in order for your AnyTemp® Chiller(s) to operate efficiently and properly.

ElectricElectric Requirements

Read the entire wiring instructions prior to having a required licensed and Insured electrician provide the required power supply to your Atera® Spa or Swim Spa. Having your Atera® Spa or Swim Spa wired by anyone that is not a licensed and insured electrician will void your limited warranty. Having your Atera® Spa or Swim Spa wired in any manner other than the one way required will void your warranty. Providing an improper power supply to your Atera® Spa or Swim Spa may permanently damage your components that will not be covered under the terms of your Limited Warranty, may cause severe injury or death to persons and damage to property that is not covered under the terms of your limited warranty.

All Atera® Spas & Swim Spas are tested in the factory with clean water and the proper electrical connection prior to being packaged and shipped. If your Atera® Spa or Swim Spa was not working perfectly when tested it would not have been packaged and shipped. If it is not working perfectly, as described in your Owner’s Manual, when you first fill it and provide power to it, turn it off immediately and call Atera® Spas & Swim Spas during business hours, Tuesday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM and Sunday 12PM to 5PM.

All Atera® Spas & Swim Spas require one (1) or two (2) dedicated, 230V +/- 5% (Two 115 V supply lines), 60A, load neutral power supplies in conduits for the entire length of run, and one or two sub-panels (Spa Boxes) with load neutral 60A GFCI Breaker(s). No Atera® Spa or Swim Spa will operate properly when connected to a 208V power source, doing so will void your limited warranty. No other power draw of any kind, including all 115V draws, can be attached to these dedicated 230V +/- 5%, 60A, Load Neutral power supply services between the building’s Main Breaker, where your meter is located, and the spa’s equipment control terminals. Lights, fans, stereos, pool equipment, power outlets of any kind, load controllers, voltage regulators, etc., cannot draw any power from the required dedicated circuit(s). Dual Zone Swim Spas require two (2) dedicated circuits, in separate conduits, exactly as described in the first sentence of this paragraph unless otherwise authorized in writing by an agent of Atera® Spas and Swim Spas. Some models of Dual True Zone® Swim Spas only require a 230V +/- 5%, 50A power supply, this power supply must be configured exactly as standard 60A system, using the exact same type and size of wires as a 60A service.

All Atera® Spas require four (4) separate THHN insulated wires, two (2) current carrying (Hot) wires (one black and one red), one (1) current carrying neutral wire (white) and one (1) ground wire (green). All wires must be THHN insulated and color coded. Wires cannot be aluminum and multiple wires sheathed together such as ROMEX or S.O. Cord can never be used! ). Dual Zone Swim Spas require two (2) dedicated circuits in separate conduits for the entire length of run, exactly as described for spas unless otherwise authorized in writing by an agent of Atera® Spas and Swim Spas.

The minimum Current Carrying (2 Hots & Neutral) and Ground Wire gauge (size) for a total run length of one foot (1’) and up to one hundred feet is six (6) Gauge Wire. At No Time is a current carrying wire or Ground Wire of smaller than 6 gauge (size) to ever be used. It is your electrician’s responsibility to determine the proper wire gauge (size) for your job’s length of run when it exceeds one hundred feet (100’). Do not ever use wire gauges (Size) that are smaller than required by Atera® Spas and Swim Spas, these requirements may exceed National, State, County, City and Municipality Electrical Codes. The largest gauge wires that will connect to the spa and/or swim spa Controller(s) are 6 gauge wires, if your main feed wires to the sub-panel(s) are larger than 6 gauge wires, use 6 gauge wires from the GFCI sub-panel to the spa and/or swim spa controller. If you, the spa or swim spa owner, have any doubt of the correct wire size, do not proceed with your electrical installation. Call Atera® Spas & Swim Spas at 623-334-3999 and we’ll advise you.

A one breaker Sub-Panel (Spa Box), complete with a 230V +/- 5%, 60A, GFCI Breaker, Wired Load Neutral is always required and must be within the line of site from the spa and/or swim spa and quickly accessible from the spa and/or swim Spa. The sub-panel must be At Least Five (5’) Feet Away from the closest edge of the spa or swim spa. A proper power supply CAN NOT include multiple sub-panels and the power supply must begin at the Main panel on the property, where the meter is located. The power supply CAN NOT begin at another sub-panel on your property. Dual Zone Swim Spas require two (2) dedicated circuits in separate conduits for the entire length of run, exactly as described for spas unless otherwise authorized in writing by an agent of Atera® Spas and Swim Spas.

*If you have any questions about your electrical requirements and your required power supply, please do not proceed without first calling Atera® Spas & Swim Spas at 623-334-3999. Please also have your licensed and insured electrician call and speak with us to review your requirements PRIOR to beginning your project! Thank you for your business and enjoy your new Atera® health and wellness system for many years to come!



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