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AnyTemp® Thermos Insulation

ThermosUnlike any other spa or hot tub, AnyTemp® Spas must perform like a thermos bottle, keeping cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot, outdoors, in the most extreme climates!

No other recreation or therapy vessel requires the unique insulating properties of an Atera AnyTemp® Spa!

HVAC engineering, and over a year of trial and error, finally resulted in the exclusive AnyTemp® Insulating System. This exclusive system, included in our patent, provides economical operation in the coldest arctic winters and the hottest desert summers, while always keeping the water your perfect temperature!

"Cool Inside" Adds Longevity

Exhaust  fanThe single largest cause of equipment component failure is extreme heat. The inside of hot tub spa equipment compartments can easily reach temperatures of 180° in the summer, caused by the combination of heat generated by therapy pump motors, heat from ambient air and heat transfer from hot water.

Unlike any other hot tub, AnyTemp® Spas exhausts the heat generated by equipment keeping the inside cool, thereby adding to the life of therapy motors, circulation pump motor, chiller and all other electronic control components.

Relax, It's Less than a Coffee!

Sealed BottomThe floor of your Atera Spa®, Hot Tub and Swim Spa is sealed with an ABS plastic, further reducing heat (and cold) loss when your spa or hot tub is placed on suspended wood decks or directly on the ground. Sealing the bottom eliminates the wicking of water or moisture into the pressure treated 2" X 4" frame. It also keeps the pesky rodents from getting inside and eating wires and spray foam. The unique combination of insulating cabinet material, radiant barrier, spray foam and exhaust fans keeps your spa operating for less than a dollar a day average, year round at your perfect temperature!

Economically Green Built

FoamFour to five inches of 2 lb., closed cell, polyurethane spray foam is applied to the shell’s fiberglass back and all plumbing lines. This same spray foam is widely used in the construction of today’s best built green built homes.


Radiant BarrierRadiant Barrier is wrapped and attached to the entire frame before the HDPE Cabinet is attached. This radiant barrier reflects 95% of the hot and cold air and the UV rays! This same radiant barrier insulation is widely used to insulate attics and walls of the best green built homes.

Atera SpaAtera AnyTemp® Spas require a top to the thermos bottle. Our Comfort Cover® was developed specifically for insulating both hot and cold water from extreme climates. Yes, they are different than standard hot tub covers, featuring additional insulation and reflect UV rays!

Atera's AnyTemp® Comfort Covers® are NOT OPTIONAL and should be closed tightly and locked on every hot tub spa when not in use! Energy efficient operation requires a tightly closed door on the refrigerator!

No cement slab neededRecycled resin and saw dust is mixed to create a Solid Support Base Pad under the entire foot well of every hot tub spa. Doing so is one of the reasons we have been able to eliminate the requirement of a concrete pad!

This tried and true, for over 25 years, extra process ensures the beautiful Lucite XL Acrylic Shell will give you a lifetime of service without cracking from the stress of water weight and body weight in the foot well.



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