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The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in TN

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Optional AnyTemp® System

SimpleSetAtera® Spas Simple Set™ Top Side Control has LED self-diagnostics and functions just like the thermostat in your home. Set it, forget it and enjoy! The healing water will always be your perfect temperature, indoors or outdoors, in any climate. The standard water temperature range is 62° - 105°F.

Time to Change to Your Perfect Temperature!

AnyTemp® Spas and Hot Tubs heat approximately 3° per hour in extreme cold temperatures and cool approximately 2° per hour outdoors in hot and humid conditions. Since most users change their spa temperature gradually with the change of seasons, continuous year round comfort is obtained, unlike any other hot tub spa or swim spa.

If the previous user left the water hotter than you'd prefer, the chiller will reduce the temperature in just a few minutes when the ambient air temperature is below 80°F.

Temp controlAtera Spas Heater and Aqua Chiller

Finally, a backyard oasis with healing water that is always the perfect temperature!

• Atera's AnyTemp® Chiller is a custom crafted U.S. Compressor, Condenser & Titanium Evaporator providing 6000 btu of chilling output. It's a closed system like your refrigerator and freezer and has no O-rings or rubber hoses to deteriorate over time. This 110v system is very energy efficient and if service is ever required it can easily be accessed without draining the vessel.

• The 4.3 kw, 220v, Low Flow Heater is Standard.

• The AnyTemp® 24 hour Low Flow Circulation Pump is virtually silent, drawing .3 amps while circulating just six (6) gallons of water per minute through the Filter, Heater, Flow Switch, Chiller and then back into the vessel.

• An exclusive 24 hour Atera's Choice Water® treatment filter system is standard on all AnyTemp® and AnyTemp® ready systems.

• AnyTemp® Spas and Hot Tub Electrical Requirements: (4) Wire, Minimum 6 Gauge, 220v, 50 A, Load Neutral GFCI Protected and Dedicated Circuit.

Other Atera AnyTemp® Spa & Hot Tub Options:

LED lights

1. Five Interior Multi-Color LED Lights System: $350.00

2. Top Rail Valve Bezel Multi-Color LED Lights: $350.00


Atera Spa Waterfall

3. Adjustable Water Fall(s) with Multi-Color LED Lights: $340.00


Atera Spa Easy Lift

4. Thermal Comfort Cover®: $340.00

5. AnyTemp® Comfort Cover: $395.00

6. Easy Cover Lift: $225.00











Spa Steps

7. Step: $125.00


Steel Jets

8. Stainless Steel Jet Caps: $350.00


Hand Held Jet

9. Hand Held Jet: $85.00


Atera Spa Choice Water System

10. Atera's Choice® Water Treatment: $145.00


Atera Spas iPod Dock

11. I-pod Docking Station, 2 pop up Speakers and Subwoofer $690

12. CD Player, 2 pop-up speakers and subwoofer $590


Pop-up Speakers

13. Two Pop-up Speakers and Subwoofer $350


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