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Benefits Known Since
the Time of Ancient
Greeks and Romans.



veruvian manSince the beginning of time, humans have enjoyed bathing as a means of relaxation, social interaction and healing.  Swiss cultural historian Sigfried Giedion states, "The bath and its purposes have held different meanings for different ages.  The manner in which a civilization integrates bathing within its life, as well as the type of bathing it prefers, yields searching insights into the inner nature of the period...  The role that bathing plays within a culture reveals the culture's attitude toward human relaxation.It is a measure of how far individual well-being is regarded as an indispensable part of community life."

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that social bathing was a critical component of overall health and vigor as well as stimulated the mind.  Both Greek and Roman baths included gymnasiums, hot water baths, cold water plunges and relaxation areas in addition to multipurpose meeting and ceremonial halls, shaded parks, promenades, small theaters and occasionally sports stadiums.

Monument ValleyIn Europe during the Middle Ages, grand healing pools were built around thermal springs in Italy, England, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.  These sites have served European medicine for centuries, and even today many are part of standard traditional health care practice.

Native Americans also have a lengthy history of aquatic tradition.  The sweat lodge employs both hot air and cold plunge baths which served both medical and religious purposes.  Colonists built stone huts and wooden tubs near wilderness healing springs frequented by Native Americans.  Even Thomas Jefferson studied healing mineral springs and pools and he used ancient Roman drawings to design Sweet Springs Spa in West Virginia.

Modern times afford us the luxury of enjoying these healing waters in the comfort and privacy of our homes.  We can experience relaxation, stress relief, romance, interaction with family and friends and relief of many chronic and often painful maladies in our own backyard.

hot tub penguinsIn 2005, Atera AnyTemp Spas® introduced the first Ten Station, Full Cycle Therapy® massage system that allowed the users to select their perfect water temperature.  If it's snowing, your Atera AnyTemp Spa® can be set at a toasty 104°.  If it's hot and humid, your Atera AnyTemp Spa® can be set at a refreshing 80°.  If you need cold plunge therapy for an injury, your Atera AnyTemp Spa® can be set at a therapeutic 64°.  If your perfect temperature is somewhere in between, your Atera Spa® can be set at AnyTemp®.

When investing in a new spa, you owe yourself the fun, healthy choice of Atera AnyTemp Spas®... The Ultimate in Year Round Aqua Therapy.


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