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Conserve Water.
Save Energy. Recycle
Resin, Sawdust and
Plastic Milk Jugs.



Go Green at Home! Every-body Will Thank You!

Conserve Water and Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Drain and fill Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs yearly, not quarterly like all other brands! And water your lawn or garden with the water you drain!  Atera's Choice Water® Treatment purifier will not harm your pets, your prized trees, plants and lawn or contaminate your property with toxic chemicals like chlorine, bromine and many other toxic chemicals sold for spa and hot tub use. Annual drain and fills save you thousands of gallons of water annually!

Water DropletEvaporation is minimal compared to in-ground uncovered spas and in-ground spas attached to swimming pools. Just keep your AnyTemp® Comfort Cover® on and locked when your spa or swim spa is not in use. The cover is the insulating door to the heated and refrigerated water and it also keeps your water free of flying debris, like leaves and dirt. There is no cleaning machine required to remove leaves, dirt and sand and you'll never have algae!

An uncovered swimming pool loses hundreds of gallons of water annually from evaporation, especially in the hot climates. America loses 150 billion gallons of water per year to evaporation from swimming pools. If you've owned a pool, you know this and likely had an automatic water leveler system to avoid the nuisance of constantly re-filling the pool with a garden hose. There is no weekly pool man service contract and no wasting hundreds of gallons of water while back washing your filters! Save water, there's not always an un-limited supply and Every-Body Benefits™!

No Toxic Chemicals on Your Body or in the Environment!

No Chlorine, Bromine, Peroxide or any other Toxic Chemicals are necessary to purify your water!

Ozone Systems only reduce the amount of toxic chemicals required and often create harmful off gasses that can destroy the underside of your cover, ozone systems are also not recommended.

Chemicals degrade hot tub spa and swim spa components, especially plastic and rubber components like jets, plumbing lines, pillows, o-rings and gaskets. Your skin will feel soft and there will be no reason to shower off the chemicals after each use. Additionally, you won't be breathing the fumes of potentially dangerous chemicals!

It's simple, safe and saves time and money! Best of all, when using Atera's Choice Water® Treatment you'll have a Lifetime Warranty on your Ultimate Power® Jets! See our Care Page for more details.

First “Lifetime Warranty Exterior Cabinet” Crafted of Milk Bottles?

Cabinet ColorsThat's right! Recycled milk bottles, High Density Polyethylene, is used globally for decks, park benches, swing sets, etc., and proudly used crafting Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Hot Tubs exclusive Eco-Smart® exterior cabinets.

These beautiful Lifetime Warranty Cabinets are available in three colors. Cabinet Tongue & Groove boards are HDPE plastic welded together, eliminating backing materials of wood, staples or glue, that delaminate and warp during expansion and contraction from changes in ambient air temperatures and humidity.

HDPE is UV Stable, requires No Maintenance, and provides easy 360° access to your spas plumbing and equipment if necessary. The Light Oak, Dark Gray or Tudor Brown cabinets come with a matching AnyTemp® Comfort Cover® or Comfort Cover® as shown. Atera® Swim Spa cabinets are crafted with recycled Inner-Seal composite panels and can be ordered in additional custom colors.

More Trees and Shrubs Watered by Spa!

Girl with hammockAtera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs require a small space in your backyard, leaving room for more important trees, plants and shrubs! And no, Atera Spas® do not require a concrete slab! However, because of the additional weight and size, we highly recommend that all Atera® Swim Spas be placed on a flat concrete slab surface that will forever evenly support the tremendous weight and protect your investment.

Concrete contributes to rising temperatures, especially in the summer. No construction or digging in your yard is normally necessary! Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Hot Tubs fit easily on patios, decks and in small backyards of town homes and condos.

All Spa and Swim Spa models are filled with a garden hose and gravity drained with a garden hose into your lawn or garden when using Atera's Choice® Water Treatment. In many cities, draining toxic water from pools or spas into the municipal sewer system frequently incurs additional fees or is illegal, and draining toxic water into the street is often illegal and not an option.

With Atera AnyTemp® Spas,Swim Spas and Hot Tubs, this will never be an issue for your family and you'll feel good about recycling water on your property!

Save Energy and Enjoy 365, Unlike Any Other Seasonal Pool or Hot Tub!

Energy MeterAtera's Exclusive AnyTemp® Circulation System operates all therapy pumps for only two to ten minutes per day! NOT three to four hours twice a day like most hot tubs!

Atera's thermos bottle design keeps hot and cold air out and hot and cold water in! You “set it” and forget it, just like the thermostat in your home! The energy cost to operate an Atera AnyTemp® Spa year round is a small fraction of the typical energy cost to filter and circulate a swimming pool, not to mention the cost of heating or chilling a swimming pool. And consider the short seasonal window for use of a swimming pool, regardless of where you live!

If you're leaving town for extended periods of time (1-6 months) your Atera AnyTemp® Spa and Swim Spa heater and chiller can be turned off while continuing to filter and circulate, saving you energy! The electrical cost to maintain AnyTemp® Spas will vary based on your cost per kilowatt hour. Your average monthly cost, to enjoy daily at your perfect temperature 365 days a year, will likely be between $25.00 and $40.00. Swim Spas electric cost will likely be higher because of the additional volume of water. Trus Zone® Swim Spas will also be higher because they are equipped with two separately controlled AnyTemp® Control Systems.

Recycled Solid Support Foundation.

Solid Support BaseAtera AnyTemp® Spas, Hot Tubs & Swim Spas proudly recycles resin collected by local recyclers and saw dust recycled from the factory to craft each exclusive Solid Support Base Pad. This solid foundation located under the entire foot well surface area, along with the strongest frame in the industry, made of pressure treated 2" x 4" lumber, ensures that your beautiful Lucite XL Acrylic Shell will provide you many years of unblemished service.

We believe that Every-Body benefits when recycling at every opportunity!

Choose an AnyTemp® Spa or Swim Spa System! It's certainly not a miracle but they'll feel like one!

You'll Also be Supporting an American Company that Supports Only Other American Companies!

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