Altera Spas

The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in TN

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Great Family Fun for
Grandparents, Parents
and Kids of all Ages,
365 Days a Year!


Mom and Baby in Atera Spa

Fun for the Entire Family!

Atera AnyTemp® Spas and Swim Spas are great year round fun for kids of all ages! You'll teach your kids how to swim before the age of two! Even a small therapy spa will seem huge to them.

Hopefully there's a little "kid" still in all of us that will have great fun, outdoors in any climate, 365 days a year!
*Remember to always supervise kids around water!!!!

The water is greatChemical Free!

No Chlorine, bromine or chemicals of any kind are recommended! Just perfect all natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic family fun all year! Atera's Choice Water® Treatment benefits your body and your hot tub spa and swim spa in many ways!

Finally, a backyard oasis with healing waters that's always the perfect temperature, with a built in heater and chiller! What's Your Perfect refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing water temperature?  All summer at 80°F? All winter at 102°F? The therapy spa at 100°F and the exercise and swim lane at 75°F? It's now only up to you!

Atera Spas® are not just another seasonal pool, swim spa or hot tub but, a patented refrigerated and heated year round phenomenon!

Atera Spa AnyTemp® Systems are not just another seasonal hot tub spa, swim spa or pool, they're a patented, refrigerated and heated year round home aquatic phenomenon!


Not Just a Seasonal Pool or Hot Tub! A Patented, Refrigerated and Heated Phenomenon!

AnyTemp® Systems provide the Best of Both Worlds!
Cool refreshing summers and Warm thawing winters,outdoors in Any Climate.


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