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Two women in spaNot Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Keeping a hot tub the perfect temperature is difficult, if not impossible.  Now you can expect your spa to always be comfortably perfect!

Tepid Water is 82°F to 84°F!

When your water temperatures are either cooler or hotter than you have been prescribed, please consult your physician before using Atera AnyTemp® Spas.

Everyone has a preferred temperature for aquatic therapy, rejuvenation, swimming, exercising and relaxing. A few degrees can easily be the difference between being comfortable and being miserable.  Expect AnyTemp® and don't settle for less!

Your Family Can Now Enjoy Fun Outdoor Water Recreation at Home,
365 Days a Year!

Couple in spaIf you swim for exercise congratulations!  Atera® Swim Spas offer a low maintenance, economical option for lap swimming, aqua exercise and hydrotherapy. When fun, refreshing, entertainment or therapy is your desire, AnyTemp® Systems are the logical choice! See our Swim Spa in action.

Hot Therapy90% OF ALL Prescriptions

Ninety percent of all Aqua Therapy Prescriptions written in the U.S.A. are for exercise or rehabilitation at Tepid Water Temperatures. Not HOT!

Water provides Concentric Muscle Exercise due to the lack of gravity and the presence of water resistance.  You exercise limbs in both directions!  Tepid water (82°F - 84°F) is effective in the treatment of many acute injuries and symptoms of many maladies.

Pool & Hot Tub Considerations

You likely purchased your swimming pool to provide fun for your children, so you could teach them to swim and you could keep an eye on them at home.

• Maintenance and heating costs for a pool can be very expensive.  Without heating, the seasonal window of time for comfortable use is only a few months, even in the hot climate of Phoenix!

• Hot Tub temperatures are easy to regulate in the winter, since they only heat.  Soaking in hot water, often 104°F+, during hot & humid summer months is not enjoyable for most of us.

• In the summer, ambient air, UV rays and kinetic energy generated by motors and pumps often heats hot tubs above
air temperatures even with the heater turned off! Refreshing Cold, Cool or Tepid water is then not an option in a HOT TUB!

Hot Tubs have a High Limit safety Sensor designed to disable the entire hot tub if the water temperature gets too hot (105°F - 110°F).  The vessel cannot be reset and operational until the water temperature is reduced lower than 104°F.

• In hot climates, this safety feature often renders hot tubs useless during the hottest months unless ice is used to temporarily reduce the water's temperature allowing you to reset.  What about tomorrow? More Ice?


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