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Atera Spas Cool family fun

Cool Refreshing Fun!

We all know cool water is refreshing, stimulating and great fun for all ages during the hot and humid summer. It's a feeling we've enjoyed since we were kids and always brings a big smile!

Unlike seasonal hot tub spas, swim spas and pools that are often too hot to enjoy during the summer, Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Swim Spas provide your perfect temperature aquatic environment all summer long and all winter also!

When it’s 90°F+ outside, there’s no better feeling than a cool therapeutic massage from an Atera AnyTemp® Spa or Swim Spa set at 75°F. Most enjoy their water at 70°F to 80°F in the summer but, if you’d prefer it a little cooler or a little warmer just set your Simple Set® Control to any temperature you desire!

After a long, hot and sometimes humid day, there’s nothing like coming home to a cool refreshing massage or a leisurely swim and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even invite your friends and neighbors.

Also, symptoms of many maladies and diseases are often reduced when soaking in perfect temperature cool water! Be sure to check with your Physician for best recommended water temperature.Atera Spa Family

Add Ice?

Even if you add ice to a hot tub to reduce the temperature to a comfortable level, hot tubs will heat themselves whenever a therapy pump or circulation pump is operating and a hot ambient air temperature will quickly re-heat the water! What do you do tomorrow? More ice?

Uncovered, un-insulated swimming pools are often heated well beyond a comfortable temperature by the sun's UV rays. In Phoenix it’s not at all unusual for in-ground swimming pools to reach temperatures over 95°F. Small, shallow play pools get hotter, faster and stay hotter longer further creating a “seasonal comfortable use.”

If you live in a state that often gets above 90°F, you will enjoy the perfect temperature healing water that only an Atera AnyTemp® Spa or Swim Spa provides!


Hot Tub Spa, Swim Spa and Pool Considerations:

You may be considering the purchase of a swimming pool to provide fun for your children, so you can teach them to swim and you can keep an eye on them at home. An Atera AnyTemp® Spa, Swim Spa, Hot Tub or Pool will provide these benefits, year round outdoors in any climate, at a fraction of the cost of an only seasonal in-ground pool.

• Maintenance heating and cooling costs for a pool can be very expensive. Without heating, and without chilling a pool, the seasonal window of time for comfortable use is only a few months, even in the hot climate of Phoenix, Arizona!

• For several months during the summer, in hot and humid climates, pools, hot tub spas and swim spas are often too hot to be enjoyable.

• Hot Tub temperatures are easy to regulate in the winter, since all other brands of hot tub spas and swim spas only heat the water. However, soaking in hot water, often exceeding 100° F in hot tubs, with no option for reducing the tenperature during the hot and humid summer months is not pleasant for most people.

• In the summer, ambient air temperatures, UV rays and kinetic energy generated by motors and pumps heat hot tubs and swim spas even with the heaters have been turned off. Some brandsclaim they have a “cool summer mode” but without actively actually cooling the water it's not possible to cool the water below average daily ambient air temperatures.

• Hot tub spas have a High Limit Safety Sensor designed to disable the entire hot tub spa if the water temperature gets too hot (105°F - 110°F). A hot tub spa cannot then be reset and become operational until the water temperature is reduced below 104°F. Try twenty bags of ice for today, what about tomorrow?

• In hot climates, this high limit safety switch feature often renders hot tub spas useless during the hottest months unless ice is used to temporarily reduce the water's temperature, allowing you to reset the system. What about tomorrow? More ice?

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