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Eliminating Toxic
Chemicals Doubles
the Life of Most Your
Spa and Swim Spa



Easily Protect Your Investment!

Atera Flower GirlNatural Water has Huge Benefits!

Eliminating corrosives and toxic chemicals from your hot tub spa and swim spa water, including chlorine, bromine, salt and ozone gas, will more than double the life of many of your spa’s components. Most chemicals used to purify hot tub spa and pool water degrade plastic and rubber components and your spa is crafted primarily of plastic and rubber components!

Jet Failure Due to Chemical Degradation

Degradation jetsThe first components to fail from degradation are normally the jets. Almost every week, we are visited or called by hot tub spa owners looking for replacement jets since theirs have completely corroded, fallen apart and are no longer functioning. If you’ve had a hot tub spa in the past, you likely know this from experience.

All jets are plastic despite the fact that many competitors claim to have stainless steel jets available. The reality is that stainless steel escutcheons (hub caps) are crimped onto the outside of the same plastic jets to provide esthetic appeal and the illusion of stainless steel jets. Escutcheons are stainless, not stain never and toxic chemicals commonly pit and corrode these over time.

Our client friends using Atera’s Choice® Water Treatment enjoy many health benefits, conserving water, prolonged component life and a Lifetime Warranty on all Atera Spas® and Swim Spas Ultimate Power® Jets.

Plastic & Rubber Component Degradation

Your hot tub spa's acrylic shell surface, and all other types of shell surfaces, can be damaged beyond normal repair as a result of your water chemistry being “out of balance”. Exceeding the recommended amount of chemicals added to your water will usually void your limited warranty because this condition accelerates the degradation of your spa's shell surface, as well as all rubber gaskets, O-rings, pump seals, plumbing fittings, light lenses and glue joints. There are usually hundreds of these components required in the manufacturing of quality, therapeutic hot tub spas and swim spas.

No More Chemicals?

When there’s a proven all natural option for purifying your water, greatly reducing degradation to the majority of your hot tub spas components, why would anyone continue to expose their hot tub spa and swim spa, their body or their property to toxic chemicals?

The thousands of clients nationwide who use Atera’s Choice® Water Treatment clearly understand the many benefits of eliminating toxic chemicals from their life whenever possible, especially when hot tub spa maintenance, service time and costs are also greatly reduced!Droplet

Eliminating chlorine, bromine and other harmful chemicals from our drinking, bathing, showering and gardening water is a billion dollar business, for good reasons!


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