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“No Float” Lounges,
Pivot Lounge-Seats
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Comfort at Every
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Reclining Chair Lounge

Reclining ChairOur DL8 models have two of the most comfortable “no float” lounges you've ever been in! Because you're sitting in an up-right position with your feet down on the Pedassage™ jet recesses, even while head to toe Ultimate Power® Jets are on full, you will not float out of your lounge! You should never need to reduce water flow or air pressure in order to stay comfortably in your seat or lounge!

These two lounges have been designed for different size people. The long lounge can accommodate people up to 6’10” tall but is most comfortable for people 5’8 to 6’6” tall. The other shorter lounge will comfortably accommodate people from 5’2 to 6’ tall. Both recliner lounges have the same head to toe, adjustable Ultimate Power® Therapy Jets.

If you've ever had a favorite recliner chair, one that you would never give up, you'll have similar feelings about the “No Float” lounges in your Atera AnyTemp® Spa or Hot Tub! Please let others enjoy it, if just for a few minutes! You'll both be glad you shared!

Pivot Lounge-Seats

Our “Original” CTS8 has a versatile design, with double Pivot Lounge-Seats featuring comfortable lounging for one or two or ample room for a party of eight! While these two pivot lounge-seats provide a complete back massage, you can also experience our Exclusive Relaxed Leg Wall® System. This system featured on our CTS8-44 model provides incredible massage therapy to your thighs, knees, calves and feet! Atera's Full Cycle® Therapy provides healing waters from head to toe!

Comfort Engineered
Into Every Spa

Pivot SeatAll hot tub spa and swim spa vessels are not created equal! Comfort is engineered into every Atera® Spa and Swim Spa model in a multitude of ways. Let’s review the complex requirements for a truly comfortable, full body, aquatic therapy session.

Seating: Seats must be comfortable in order to maximize your enjoyment during aquatic therapy. The width of each seat must not be constraining and the bench should be angled so while buoyant and completely relaxed, you'll stay comfortably in your seat without expending any effort. Then you’ll be fully relaxed!

Lounges: Lounges should be as comfortable as your favorite recliner. Atera® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs feature ergonomic lounges that have been designed to fit your entire body, with no portion of your body falling off the edge. You will not be laying down in an Atera Spa, Swim Spa or Hot Tub lounge. This may feel good while the hot tub spa is without water, but who cares?

In most other lounges, buoyancy combined with water pressure from the jets, non- adjustable jets especially, will push you out of this lounge style and have you grabbing the walls for stability. To avoid being pushed out of this lounge design, you will find yourselves reducing the flow of water and pressure from the jets in order to maintain your desired position, thus defeating the hydrotherapy purpose you're trying to achieve.

Atera Spas® lounges also have a comfortable place to rest your head, arms and feet. Adjustable foot jets feel fantastic in each lounge, in addition to jets located in the foot well area. Wrist jets have also be designed into most of the arm rests on Atera Spa & Hot Tub lounges.

Comfort by Design

Lower BackEvery seat, pivot lounge-seat and lounge has been crafted to provide 90% of the population with the most comfortable therapeutic experience possible. If you're 6'8" tall or 5' tall, you'll comfortably enjoy Full Cycle® Therapy! And of course children have a place of their own!

Big and Tall

Big and Tall

Since most human torso lengths are very similar, even if your 6'8" tall you'll comfortably enjoy Full Cycle® Therapy and have room for long legs! Big people will also be very comfortable in our open seating designs!

Barrier Free Seating

Full Cycle® Therapy is achieved with multiple seating, pivot lounge seating and lounge stations, each providing the best therapeutic massage possible to specific muscle groups and joints on your entire body!  Every seat has a specific primary purpose and you'll want to cycle to all stations and positions!  Once you've received an invigorating massage and completed the Full Cycle®, you'll find your own favorite location for a quiet conversation.  You'll find no barriers between the seats so sliding from one position to another while buoyant will be effortless!  Enjoy!




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