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The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in TN

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No Toxic Chemicals
Means Better Health!
Less Maintenance,
Conserves Water,
Reduces Degradation!
Twenty-two Years of Proof!



Atera's Choice Water® Treatment

Water dropAtera's Choice Water® Treatment System filters and purifies your water 24 hours per day, so your water is always ready to enjoy!  Purified, crystal clear water without Bromine, Chlorine, ozone systems or salt systems means less maintenance and better health, for your family and your spa or swim spa!

All Natural & Non-Toxic!

BeachSimilar to a natural hot spring, Atera Spas® and Swim Spas have been designed to use an All Natural enzyme purifier.  It's hypoallergenic and is NOT harmful to your body, your spa, swim spa or your home and garden!

Green & Economical

Green EarthChoice Water® often allows owners to use just one (1) vessel of water for an entire year!  It takes a little patience in the beginning, but once you have determined the proper dosage for your weekly bather load, you'll love it forever!  When you drain your Choice Water® you can water your lawn or garden and have no fear about harming your pets.  Nature's good bacteria mitigates harmful bacteria!  Thousands have been enjoying it for many years and it's safe to ship through the mail!  Tell your loved ones and friends about this better option!




Skin So Soft!

Hand in waterAtera's Choice Water® Treatment will not dry your skin or leave you feeling in need of a shower to remove the chemicals. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and your swim suits will not discolor! You have never experienced such crystal clear, clean water in any other hot tub, spa or swim spa. Guaranteed!

No Odors or Eye Irritation

Your spa water will have no odor other than that of a clean lake or river and your eyes will not sting or become irritated!

No Harmful Off Gases

Bromine, Chlorine, chemicals used for shocking the water and Ozone can have harmful off gases.  Using Bromine without a Bromine Activator can be very harmful to your health and to your hot tub spa or swim spa. We see it happening all the time!  We hear of Chlorine poisoning all too frequently!  Ozone off gas can shorten the life of your thermal cover and your pillows.  Chemicals often cause folliculitis and other skin rashes.  Your family deserves a natural, healthy water purifier! Your family deserves Atera's Choice Water® Treatment!

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