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Atera's Choice Water® Treatment

SedonaMillions of years of evolution have created a wonderful system that gives all natural waterways the ability to cleanse and renew themselves with natural life giving bacteria and the enzymes they produce.  This process, known as "biodegration", breaks down all organic contamination and returns it to mother earth as harmless carbon dioxide, water and simple salts.  Natural oxidation is the principal mechanism in biodegration.  Given enough time in an environment free of man made toxins and harsh chemicals, water will rejuvenate itself.  We have developed a system that accelerates this age old process and gives spa water the ability to cleanse itself through natural biodegration.


spaAtera's Choice Water® Treatment System Filters & Purifies your water 24 Hours Per Day, so your water is always ready to Enjoy!  Atera's Five Minute Quick Clean Mode is programmed into every Atera Spa Control, so your entire Hydrology System is purged and clarified multiple times each day.  Atera's Choice Water® Treatment is All Natural, Non-Toxic, Hypo-Allergenic and Economical, with No Harmful Gases, Unpleasant Odors, Dry Skin or Eye Irritation. Ask our Sales Consultant for the details on this Exclusive, All Natural, Simple, Liquid Purifying System. And Enjoy!

How The Atera's Choice Water® Treatment Works

1. The Atera's Choice Water® Conditioning Filter removes unwanted metals and minerals. This process stops staining and scale build up and creates a non-toxic environment that allows Atera's Choice Water® Treatment to perform effectively.

2. The Atera's Choice Water® Treatment oxidizes all organic contamination naturally by accelerating biodegration.  The left over products are then consumed by healthy bacteria that are present in all natural water, including tap water and well water.  These same bacteria, in a chemical free, non-toxic environment, will use their natural ability to prohibit the growth of unwanted germs (pseudomonas, etc) and give you the healthiest water available in the spa industry today.

3. Atera's Choice Water® Treatment Prep is the product we use to clean out and purge your spa during new spa start-up, water changes and switching over from the old style chorine and bromine based systems.


drain bibWATER CHANGES: Your Atera AnyTemp® Spa, Swim Spa and Hot Tub will normally only require draining and refilling annually. Many of our client friends find that they only need to change their water every two years, especially when their hot tub spa or swim spa is at their vacation home, condo or town house, since it’s used less frequently.

When draining is necessary, you can quickly un-thread and remove all Easy Clean Cartridge Filters from the filter compartment and set them aside. Then simply attach your garden hose to the Drain Valve located on the exterior cabinet wall. While holding the threaded female hose end, gently pull the hose outwards to open the valve and begin draining. Reversing this process, pushing the garden hose end back in, while holding the larger threads behind it, will close the valve.

*Always be sure to keep your Atera AnyTemp® Spa, Swim Spa and Hot Tub covered during this drain and refill process, keeping it out of the direct sun and UV rays. For more helpful hints on this process, please consult the Owner’s Manual.

Clean the entire spa surface using a baking soda paste on a clean rag or soft sponge, this will normally remove everything present. Do Not use acids, detergents, toxic chemicals or abrasives on your acrylic surface. If you have anything on the surface that did not remove with baking soda paste, please contact us directly for instructions on how to proceed.

After rinsing the entire spa thoroughly, refill the spa by placing the hose with Atera’s Choice® Water Pre-Filter attached into the spas cartridge filter compartment. To avoid air locks in circulation pump and therapy pumps, DO NOT fill the spa by putting the hose in the bottom foot well area or on a seat or lounge of the hot tub spa.

Fiter CompartmentSPA FILTER CLEANING:Based on daily use, we recommend that you clean your large 50 sq. ft. filters at least monthly. If your spa is equipped with a circulation pump system, included on optional AnyTemp® Systems and AnyTemp® ready systems, we recommend cleaning your 20 sq. ft. center filter every other week or more often as needed. Keeping the center 20 sq. ft. filter clean is important to ensure the proper operation of your hot tub spa.

Simply unthread the filters, remove them from the filter compartment and use a high pressure nozzle on the end of your garden hose to spray the pleats of the cartridges clean. Start at the top of the pleats and work your way down for best results. If additional cleaning is necessary, soak your filters in a bucket of water mixed with a spa filter degreaser, following the directions on the bottle. You can also clean them in your dishwasher using dishwasher detergent but, be sure to run them through a second cycle without detergent to be sure you get all the detergent out of the pleated filter cartridge. Otherwise you’ll find yourself having a soap suds party. Based on daily use, we recommend you replace all cartridge filters at least annually.

SWIM SPA FILTER CLEANING: AnyTemp® Swim Spas and hot only Swim Spas require the cleaning of the 75 sq. ft. cartridge as needed. Common sense requires that the more you use it, the more people who are in it, the more the filter will need cleaning. It's a good rule of thumb to clean the filter every day after extensive use by a large number of people. With normal daily use by a single family of four we recommend that you clean your filter at least once a week or when it obviously appears dirty when inspecting it.

TRUE ZONE™ SWIM SPA FILTER CLEANING: All True Zone™Swim Spas have a filter system in both zones. The exercise-swim zone has a 75 sq. ft. filter and the therapy spa zone has a 50 sq. ft. filter. Cleaning both filters is recommended as needed and both should be inspected once a week with continuous daily use. Use common sense, have a party, clean the filters!

 Your cover has been crafted to provide years of AnyTemp® insulation. It should be tightly locked to the hot tub spa or swim spa at all times when not in use. Hosing it off and wiping it down with a vinyl cleaner/moisturizer, such as Protectant 303, is recommended at least monthly, or more often as needed. We do not recommend using Armor All, we have found that this product shortens the life of the vinyl. Wipe off the water side (underside) of your cover at least monthly with a clean damp rag. Any stubborn build up of foreign matter can normally be removed by cleaning with a light paste of baking soda. Using baking soda will not add soap or detergent to your hot tub spa or swim spa water. *Remember, always supervise children near water and keep the cover tightly locked on all four corners when not in use. If your cover develops a concave bow that is holding rain water, the insulating foam can be removed through the zipper compartment, straightened, turned over and replaced. Do not stand on the cover, this will damage it.

ECO-SMART™ CABINET PANELS:  No staining or maintenance is required.  Simply wipe with a damp rag as needed to remove dirt or dust.

ACRYLIC SURFACE: The cosmetic surface layer of Lucite XL Acrylic can easily be cleaned with a damp rag.  Once again, to remove stubborn foreign matters and to eliminate contaminating the water with soap or detergent, wipe with a paste of baking soda.  Foreign matters that cannot be removed with a baking soda paste can safely be removed with "Goof Off." Be sure to rinse the acrylic thoroughly after using "Goof Off."  Do not use a course, rough sponge as this may scratch the surface.  To return scratched acrylic to its original luster, use an acrylic wax such as "gel gloss" and polish lightly.

hot tub test kit spacer

DO NOT use Tri-chlor (chlorine) tabs in any acrylic spa or swim spa as this chemical will cause permanent damage to the acrylic surface as well as the rest of the spa components!

DO NOT leave your spa uncovered and empty of water in direct sunlight for any length of time. Heat and solar rays can cause solar damage to your acrylic surface and all plastic components. Heat damage from sun and UV rays is not covered under the terms of the Limited Warranty.

hot tub vent spacer

AQUA CHILLER FAN VENTS: Be sure both (two) AnyTemp® Chiller Fan Vents are always clear of leaves and debris. These vents require good ventilation and must not be blocked by debris, walls, etc. A minimum clearance of 6" is required in front of both of these vents.

hand in hot tub spacer

CONFIRM WATER TEMPERATURE FIRST!:  Always check the vessels water temperature with your hand prior to immersing your body into the vessel.

electrician spacer

CONFIRM PROPER GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER (GFCI) OPERATION:  Before each and every use, check the proper operation of the GFCI electrical breakers by depressing the test buttons.

Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs will continue to add information to the proper care list in order to protect you and your investment long term. Providing accurate and thorough information about your expected personal aquatic therapy experience should enhance your ability to make a well informed, intelligent purchasing decision and provide you a lifetime of fun, health and wellness benefits.

Please forward all suggestions regarding additional information others may find helpful and we'll add these topics to our care list so that Every-body Benefits™!


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