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The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in TN

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Restore Feet & Calves
Fast With Adjustable
Ultimate Power®
Whirlpool Jets & Exclusive
Adjustable Foot Pods.



Unsurpassed Foot and Calf Therapy

All Atera AnyTemp® Spa & Hot Tubs provides a therapeutic, custom, adjustable foot and calf massage system. Swim Spas are also available with adjustable foot and calf jets for everyone enjoying the therapy spa side.

DL8-69 Two "No Float" Lounges

Thighs and calves are massaged by six adjustable Ultimate Power® Jets on the DL8-69 model. Two calf jets are also featured on the DL8-41 model.

You'll be hovering just inches above a bed of turbulent water streaming from adjustable jets in each of the two "no float" lounges. From your neck to your toes you'll be experiencing Full Cycle® Therapy and AnyTemp® bliss, indoors or outdoors, 365 days a year.

DL8 No Float Lounge

Whirlpool jets Ultimate Power® Whirlpool Jets

The most powerful jets available, Ultimate Power® Whirlpool Jets are perfect for an intense, powerful and aggressive foot, calf, thigh and back massage. While sitting in the Full Back seats of the CTS8 and DL8 models, you'll also enjoy a full Frontal Body Massage as an adjustable thunder of turbulent water rises from the large foot wells.

Atera Spas Foot PodsDL8-69/41 Foot Pods

Pedassage™ foot pods are featured on both DL8 models. Either eight or four adjustable Ultimate Power® Jets are in each "No Float" lounge. Massage any specific part of each foot or the entire sole, heel and ankle of just one foot at a time or both feet at once.







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